♥ She's my Crazy Daisy ♥


My Superstar in the making!

As promised, here is a picture of Daisy with the Chihuahua Calendar she is featured in, and her Canine Good Citizen Certificate and Rosette! Im very proud of my baby! Currently, I am awaiting a therapy dog certification test to come in the area, and I will take her to be certified as a therapy dog- and her and I will volunteer with a Therapy Dog Group, to visit children in hospitals. Daisy just loves little kids, I can only imagine how great she will be, and showing off all of her tricks!


She passed the CGC TEST!

Wednesday September 24th, 2008. Daisy for the first time took her Canine Good Citizen Test, and passed! She nailed every single step of the test with flying colors! This is her first obedience title! I am so happy with where she has come! It was very difficult though, but Daisy remained focused on me through out the test! There had to be about 30-50 dogs in there, and about 10 taking the test. Plus, since the location was at a overnight doggie daycare- there was dogs barking like crazy in the kennels, etc. Daisy was nervouse prior to the test, but I calmed her down and she realized everything was okay!

Now we are ordering the certificate, etc... tomarrow and hope to get it soon!
As promised, here is the video from the test!

Canine Good Citizen Test: 8/24/2008
Wish us luck! Hopefully she will pass! I have been working on it with her. You can see some of our practice at the video below. Mainly, the loose-leash walking, and stay and come. *Note, for some reason... the G's didn't show up in "walkin" on the text in the video... strange, just ignore it. :)  

New Video: Daisy Outdoor Fun, Tricks & Commands

Fall is here!

Finally, Fall has come! I can't wait to think of some creative fall tricks. As well as the beautiful fall weather. The fall holds many oppurtunites for us! We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy fall!

~Ashlyn & Daisy