about daisy

Daisy is a three year old Chihuahua. Her birthday is April 27th, 2005. She does some modeling, competitions, and fashion shows. Her arrival story: My birthday had been coming up, and I have always wanted a dog. Ever since I was a little girl, it has been my dream to have my "own" dog. Yes, the family dogs are great, but I have always wanted that one where you feed them, bathe them, walk them, sleep with them, etc... It was November 5th, 2005 on a Saturday. We planned to going to several humane society's near us to look for a dog for myself. First, we stopped at a friends house who sells brand named purses. While we were shopping around, she asked if we knew anyone who wanted a non-potty trained Chihuahua. Instantly, I said that I had been wanting a dog for myself. The lady brought me in the backyard, to see Daisy. I remember her standing by the siding glass door, panting from the hot day, and wagging her tail looking at me. I opened the door and she ran to me. I picked her up, and spent an hour with her. Petting her, playing with her, and learning about her history. Her history really got to me. Apparently, Daisy was baught for this families step daughter who lives in North Carolina. She was down visiting her dad, for her birthday. They baught Daisy for her. Daisy traveled up with this girl, to North Carolina, and from what the lady told me... they hated her. They hated the fact she would "use the bathroom" in the house, and would smack her. Basically, they abused her. -Now really, do they not know the idea of "potty-training"? So her step dad in North Carolina took Daisy one day, and placed her in a metal cage. He put her in the back of his pickup truck, and drover her all the way from North Carolina, back to South Florida. (Now, just imagine all she could have gone through during this drive. Loud trucks driving by, bad weather...) They dropped her off at this house we were visiting and left. So, after learning about her and getting to know Daisy better. I knew she was the one. So we signed a check, buying her from them, and took her home. They gave us her bowls, some toys, her cage, and the rest of her food bag. We introduced her to our house, and for a couple of days she was a bit stressed. Now, she is adjusted to our house, and couldn't be more relaxed. I love her so much, and don't know how I would live without her.

Check out this video to see Daisy from Past to Present

more fun facts

Favorite treats: Whipped Cream, Steak, Chicken,
Dislikes: Very bad thunderstorms and Hurricanes, Fireworks (working on her with both to comfort her)
Likes: Being kissed on her cheeks, drying off from a bath, learning a new trick, chasing wildlife
Favorite Toys: She prefers soft textured, squeaking, rattling, and/or crunching toys 
Walking Places: She likes walking in the backyard, around the neighborhood, and at the park.
Enjoys: Learning & Performing tricks, going "buh-bye", Running off leash


Nicknames: Crazy Daisy, Daisy Girl, Dukey, Daisy Duke, Skittles, Pookie
Birthday: April 27th, 2005
Strange Habits: Cracks Neck
Current trick working on: Handstands, Distinguishing Colors
Breed: Chihuahua
Coat: Chocolate (Tan/Black)
Dog Food: Halo Spot's Stew Chicken Adult Dry Formula